My Poetic Journey

I wrote my first poem when I was in fifth grade. It became my first love in writing. 

Caught in Between

Going everywhere

Getting nowhere

In between


Between things

On the outside

Yet on the inside

Caught in between

Should be’s and shouldn’ts

Feelings too complex

To describe, yet

Too simple

Caught in between

Who I am

Who I am not

The real, the false

The line is so thin

Yet I am caught

In between

The reality I live

And the fantasy I dream

Or am I living the fantasy

Dreaming of reality

Caught in between

The person I try to be

And the person I really am.


Love, Rebecca

The Other Me

The deeper layers of myself

I tucked away upon the shelf

I did not think you would agree

If I revealed the other me

I gave the past I thought you'd find

And hoped that you would be so kind

Not to judge what you could not see

Because only trust can set her free.

Love, Rebecca

Pushing the Limits

Life is filled with possibilities

Pushing the limits

Tearing down the walls

Sometimes we fall

Sometimes we push through

Discoveries are revealed

Creations manifested

The lost is found

The hidden is revealed

Because we push

Because we believe

In possibilities

Pushing the Limits

Love, Rebecca

I am the Color of Everyone

Black is the color of my skin

They planted me in Africa

And I lived and survived

The heat of the noon day sun

When the white man saw me

He wondered, then he wanted me

When the yellow man saw me

He wondered and he wanted me

When the red man saw me

He wondered and he wanted me too

And now all my multi-colored shades of black

Makes me all people of the world

Black is the color of my skin

But now I am the color of everyone

Love, Rebecca

The Road I've Traveled

I’m on a road

My life, I pass

And all the things

That did not last

I’m on a road

I’ve traveled far

How things once were

Is not how they are

This road I took

Was painful to travel

With each step of forgiveness

The pain unravels.

I feel the pain

And leave the stains

On all the people I meet

So unaware

My heart's so bare

From my need to be complete

Love, Rebecca

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Guilt and Shame

Guilt and Shame

Is Judgment and Blame

Forgiveness held hostage

It's all the same

We carry the burden

But Life is a game

Of Perfecting Imperfections

And accepting the same

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