Energetic Connections, LLC  Mableton, GA 

Admin Contact: 585-305-7323

Services and Fees

S.H.I.F.T. Hypnotheraphy               $60 per session through 12/31/19

(in person, by distance)                $100 per session eff. 1/1/2020

(by Skype, Zoom or  Google hangout)

Reiki                                           $60 per session 

(in person, by distance)

Access Bars                                 $60 per session

(in person only)

Theta Healing                              $30 per session

(in person, by phone, by Skype, Zoom or  Google hangout)

Spirit Attachment Release              $60 per session

Chakra Balancing and Alignment   $40 per session

(in person only)

Other Services:

Wedding Officiant

Baby Blessings

Home Clearing and Blessings


Please call to inquire