Holy Fire  and Usui Reiki

There is a life energy that flows through all living things.  This life energy is called different things in different cultures and beliefs. In China it is called qi,  in Japan it is called ki, in India it is prana. The Ancient Hawaiians called it ti or ki. Science has also called this energy biofield energy.

When your energy is strong, you will be strong.  When your energy is weak, you will be also.  Reiki is a technique that increases your supply of life energy.

The Process

Reiki is a process that the healer uses to channel energy through the hands to the person in need. Although there are specific points to channel this energy, once received, the Reiki energy will flow to where it is needed.

The Practitioner gently touches points on the head, shoulders and chakras. The process can also be done with the hands just above the body without touching.


Reiki Energy relaxes the body and increases blood flow to treated areas to help with healing.  It also promotes the release of fears, anger, worry, stress and other unhealthy emotions replacing them with peace and tranquility.

Session:  $60

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